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Why you need to try KX Pilates

27/06/2017 9:37 AM

Japanese for "change for the better", the Kaizen Experience (KX) is a philosophy which focuses on small and ongoing improvements to help you reach your goals. KX Pilates promotes this life philosophy through their revolutionary, fast paced, high intensity classes where you work out smarter, not longer. These highly motivating group sessions are designed to help you become more resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life, all the while increasing your flexibility, balance and co-ordination.


How is KX Pilates different to regular reformer Pilates?

KX Pilates has a unique, high performance style which sets itself apart from traditional Pilates classes and studios. Fusing elements of traditional reformer Pilates, KX Pilates incorporates cardio, weights and endurance training to give you a high-intensity workout in just 50 minutes. KX Pilates targets the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements and functional exercises that increase the intensity of the workout, while engaging the core and delivering cardiovascular conditioning. The workout is also intensified by reducing the amount of time between exercise sets. With a maximum of 12 people per class, each person is treated as an individual, with tailored feedback and modifications for fitness and ability level. This means each person is achieving the most out of their workout, regardless of their level.

Why is KX Pilates the ideal cross-training activity for runners, cyclists and just about any athlete?

KX Pilates is an excellent way to build power and strength, helping you to perform at your best in all aspects of your life. KX Pilates helps build core strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance. The KX workout targets and strengthens all muscles, especially those deep, intrinsic stabilising muscles which work together with the major muscles. This helps support movement and creates efficient patterns in the body which aid performance. The KX workout is also great for endurance athletes as it focuses on the core muscle groups that help make you more efficient, and less prone to overuse injuries that may arise from the repetitive nature of certain sporting practises.  

KX Pilates

4 Reasons you need to try KX Pilates

1. Regardless of how tired you are from the night before or how unmotivated you feel, KX Pilates is not threatening enough to make you cancel your class, yet it is still a high-intensity workout that will help you achieve results.

2. KX Pilates is never boring - no two sessions are ever the same, and the supportive, positive trainers are always there to ensure you have a fun and energetic workout. 

3. The atmosphere is supportive and friendly, not competitive. You are encouraged to push yourself and are never measured against others.

4 This is a gift to yourself - your time out from the stresses of work and life. The upbeat music, positive energy and soft lighting will make you feel comfortable the moment you walk in.


KX Pilates

KX PilatesKX Pilates


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