Linear FLora

Electrify your workout in Linear Flora

11/01/2017 4:15 PM

Electrify your workout in our new Linear Flora print, available in 3/4 and mid-thigh length! Come along for the ride as we sweat it out with the girls from InspireCycle in Linear Flora. We love InspireCycle because each class takes you on a breath-taking, music thumping journey of the mind, body and soul. Spurred on by booming music, an inspirational instructor, and the explosive energy radiating from your fellow riders, you will power through an intense physical workout to arrive at a place of mindfulness and calm. Find out more..

Linear Flora 3/4 Tight
Linear Flora Mid-Thigh Tight
Ripple Mesh Crop | 76 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe, Brisbane

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Estelle van Kampen