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Choc Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding

15/02/2018 10:43 AM

 Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast? Treat yourself with this deliciously guilt-free Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe - it's Vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free!

This recipe takes very little preparation time and is a naturally great way to maintain a healthy diet while still indulging in those sweet cravings. Get creative and customise this pudding with your own choice of toppings - we rec...

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health hacks

3 Health Hacks to Get You Back on Track

17/01/2018 11:02 AM

Nutritionist and beauty expert, Tahlia Knowles, shares her tips to ensuring your health is back on track following the festive season.

The festive season can derail even the most committed and conscious health junkies. It is a time where we often help ourselves to thirds or fourths and say ‘yes’ to that extra slice of pavlova. I think we can all agree it feels great at the time but a few days later...

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Best foods to eat for your age

3/08/2017 10:36 AM

Nutritionist Tammy shares her health expertise with us - follow her tips below to maximise your health at any age.

Whether you are in your mid-twenties and entering the workforce for the first time, running around after your kids, or getting ready for retirement, it is essential that we give our bodies the nutrients they deserve. Taking steps towards a healthy and wholesome diet at every stage of l...

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Bliss Balls

Happiness Bliss Balls

17/07/2017 4:51 PM

A taste of these delicious Happiness Bliss Balls is sure to bring a smile to your face. With a rich biscuit inspired flavour, this recipe has just 5 simple ingredients and can be whipped up in under ten minutes, making it the perfect afternoon treat. Thank you Megs from To Your Taste for sharing your recipe with us.                                                                                   ...

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KX Pilates

Why you need to try KX Pilates

27/06/2017 9:37 AM

Japanese for "change for the better", the Kaizen Experience (KX) is a philosophy which focuses on small and ongoing improvements to help you reach your goals. KX Pilates promotes this life philosophy through their revolutionary, fast paced, high intensity classes where you work out smarter, not longer. These highly motivating group sessions are designed to help you become more resistant to the eve...

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Float Tank Therapy

Reset your mind and body with Float Tank Therapy

21/06/2017 4:41 PM

Imagine lying back inside a lightless, soundproof tank filled with warm water, which matches your body’s core temperature. You effortlessly float on the surface because of the high Epsom salt content. The total silence, feeling of weightlessness and lack of light allows your mind to completely empty and you drift away.. 

Floatation therapy is one of the latest relaxation concepts to sweep the globe...

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F45 Functional Training

25/05/2017 2:24 PM

Sarah, owner of F45 Albany Creek, shares with us what you've always wanted to know about F45...

Welcome to F45 Training where F stands for Functional Training and 45 is the time in minutes it takes to complete an F45 workout. The concept, created in Australia, is simple: we merge three separate training styles into one 45 minute workout. The workouts focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)...

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles

12/04/2017 2:42 PM

These truffle treats are for all the DARK chocolate lovers out there. Thanks to the amazing Hazel & Cacao who has come up with a recipe that's quick, easy and delicious. To make this recipe even better, these goodies are completely raw (an Easter treat without the refined sugar)! One of the main ingredients of these truffles is raw cacao which gives a bittersweet taste. Raw cacao has a high antiox...

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Achieving Your Goals and Living Your Best Life

20/03/2017 5:56 PM

Can you believe we are already three months into 2017? If your New Year's resolutions are a distant memory, this is for you! Hayley Wilson shares her advice on achieving your goals and living your best life. Being mindful about whether you are on track or if your goals need some work is as simple as giving them some attention and checking in every few weeks. You are the only person who can truly h...

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Rose White Chocolate Bark

Rose White Chocolate Bark with Raspberries & Pistachios

20/03/2017 3:55 PM

This incredibly simple recipe was created by the talented Hazel & Cacao and is a quick and easy treat to make when you have limited time. This recipe involves using vanilla and rose herbal tea to give the bark a delicious, subtle rose flavour. You could also use rose water if you have it on hand. The cashew butter adds a creamy and delicious flavour while the bright and beautiful raspberries and p...

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