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abi and joseph’s clothing inspires todays woman to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.  Made with only the best natural and technical performance fabrics, abi and joseph design stylish and comfortable activewear pieces to complement a woman’s busy life taking her from every day activities to work out and back again.

Within the Yoga and Pilates community we are renowned for our perfectly cut Pilates and Yoga tights and pants, ballet wraps, camis and our stylish high performance crops and tanks.  However, abi and joseph is so much more than this. Our high performance active wear pieces can take you from the practice mat to high intensity active pursuits such as going to the gym, running and cross training in ultimate comfort and style, while our lifestyle pieces ensure optimum comfort for every day wear.


The Beginning

The abi and joseph journey started in Perth Australia in 2006 with a search for a change from the ill-fitting, mass marketed abundance of stretch clothing and exercise wear with neon colours, blazing logos and sporty stripes.  Abi, an ex-dancer and former Pilates instructor and studio owner, wanted to find clothing that could be worn for Yoga and Pilates that crossed over into everyday wear that inspired her to maintain her active lifestyle.  Working with some of the Australia’s leading designers and clothing technicians the first collection came to fruition: perfectly cut Pilates and Yoga pants, camisoles with built-in support, wrap tops, tee-shirts, and non-slip socks. ‘Simple’ pieces turned into stylish and comfortable active wear essentials that you wish to wear again and again. 



A relocation to Brisbane Australia in late 2012 and a vision to take the abi and joseph philosophy beyond the Yoga and Pilates community brings us to today and a multi-functional range that covers everyone from the daily runner to the gym enthusiast, to the Yoga and Pilates devotee as well as lifestyle pieces that ensure optimal comfort for travel and relaxation.  From runner tanks, to perfectly cut Pilates pants, to throw over knits, abi and joseph has pieces to inspire every woman to lead an active lifestyle.


Fabric Technology

All abi and joseph clothing garments are designed in Australia from the highest quality materials and fabrics sourced throughout the world. Extensive research went into finding the perfect fabrics for active wear. All materials are high quality, very soft on the skin, brilliant to exercise in and work up a sweat.  Please see our detailed fabric technology page for information on the range and properties of the fabrics used in abi and joseph designs.


The Name

The 'Abi' is, of course, the founder Abi!  The name 'Joseph' comes from Joseph Pilates, the originator of the Pilates method and a key inspiration for the clothing.